Sunday, 7 February 2010

Stomping Ground

These are a couple of images I snapped not so long ago; lots of them are taken from the abandoned railway tracks near to were I live.

There are some cool bits and pieces just scattered around, my friends and I used to play round them when we were kids - mostly chunks of old rail equipment that were clearly deemed too expensive to dispose of.

Their loss...

I'm pretty happy with these, there's a nice contrast between the man made barbed wire and the natural thorns. One and the same, but totally different.

The sign reads: "No Access".

Then again; I was never particularly obedient.

These images haven't been photoshopped - the track really is that crooked. The track is built on a 30 ft gravel embankment which is now beginning to collapse. Where the gravel falls away, the tracks above begin to sink - weighed down by their concrete sleepers.

"Do Not Fill"

Durham Cathedral in all of it's glory (You can just see it below in the background too).


These are my favourites, they remind me of something from "Battleship Potemkin".

These are documentary images I took just to show off how wierd the damaged track is. These bits are just concrete and metal suspended above the gravel, it looks like they haven't had the chance to warp and sink yet.

Either way, no trains are passing through here for a while.

This caught my eye because it shows nature starting to claw (albeit gently) at the abandoned wreckage of the track. To hazard a guess, it must be at least twenty years since it was closed.

And lastly, a shot of the neighbourhood. All's quiet.

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