Friday, 29 July 2011

Durham City Scuba

This flyer is an old update from my portfolio back catalogue. I was asked to provide the design and an illustration for this flyer by Durham City Scuba. I was also asked to convert their existing livery to vector based imagery, so that it could be used at high sizes and resolutions.

Poisoned Radio


Poisoned Radio is another blog that I recently set up as a means of documenting some of the music in the North East. Stay tuned for future updates!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Double Whammy

For the first time ever, I've made two posts in one day. How very productive, maybe I'm turning over a new leaf?

New Illustrations - Now with extra ink!

These were fairly quick; drawn, inked and touched up - all done today.

I've been playing around with some ink, with a view to doing some T-Shirts/Branding of my own. There are more illustrations on the way, and one or two that I'm not sure whether I can release yet. Watch this space...